Finca La Fincona

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General Information

Region: Alotepec, Metapan, , Department of Chalatenango, jurisdiction of La Palma, Canton of San Jose Sacare.
Year of Harvest: 2013/2014
Month of Harvest: February
Name of the Farm: Finca La Fincona
Elevation: 1,200.00-1,100.00 meters above sea level
Coordinates: 14.280134, -89.159453
Blooms: A single bloom in the early days of April


Type of Soil: fertile alluvial clay loam
Temperature / average climate: Temperature between 10 and 23 °C
Average rainfall: 2,000 to 2,500 mm per year
Types of shade: Mixed species forest composed of liquidambar, mahogany, cedar, white mahogany, pine, and oak.
Shade density: 30 - 40%
Crop Conditions: Traditional semi organic.
Flora and Fauna Types Present: Vegetation: Native to the area, reforestation was done with fine wood producing species; Animals: rabbits, deer, armadillos, reptiles, squirrels and others.
Fertilization Methods: Primarily using compost and bocashi as organic fertilizer, both produced on the farm, complemented with complete fertilizer applied to soil and foliar.
Applications of herbicides: The farm does NOT use herbicides or pesticides of any kind.
Environmental conservation practices: The entire property was reforested 10 years ago.



Owner's Description:
J. Raul Rivera S.A. de C.V.


Location of the farm:
Department of Chalatenango, jurisdiction of La Palma, Canton San Jose Sacare.

Work Practices:
Activities and cultural practices related to coffee.

Benefits or Social Projects:
The farm is the most important source of work in the surroundings of Canton San Jose Sacare and has prompted many residents to begin in the cultivation of coffee, thus contributing to the generation of work in the area.

History of the Farm:
It is a property of thirty five hectares of extension that were reforested in the year 2000 with pine and cypress. Of the total extension thirty hectares were planted with coffee. This plantation was the first of now four established by Jorge Raul Rivera, he established it in the early 1980s risking his life due to the ongoing civil war at that time. During the war, La Palma was occupied by FMLN and the Salvadorian Army fought fiercely to retake that territory; killing many civilians who were in many occasions caught in the cross fire or were victims of abuse from both sides.


Finca La Fincona was named initially La Esperanza, and it was renamed as La Fincona because locals named it that way since it was the first coffee plantation established in the area. This farm is currently in the process of transformation, the farm when it was first established was not well organized, due to the time period during which it was established. This location is where milling is carried out for the same farm, and were we mill the coffee of two farms that were later established.
In the future our goal is to continue working closely as currently done, especially focusing in improving the fertilization programs and milling process. This farm is part of the legacy in coffee knowledge of a Jorge Raul Rivera (1938-2013). He was not only a professor at the University of El Salvador, and taught for 10 years coffee cultivation and processing, but has worked in the area since 1978. He also pioneered the establishment of the crop in the north of the country (Chalatenango).


-Beneficio Cayahuanca
Established in 2014 due to the urgency of helping small producers of the area, and help direct trade.