Finca Cayaguanca

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General Information

Region: Alotepec, Metapan, , Department of Chalatenango, jurisdiction of San Ignacio
Month of Harvest: February
Name of the Farm: Finca Cayaguanca
Elevation: 1,700.00-1,600.00 meters above sea level
Blooms: A single bloom in the early days of April

• Bourbon
• Geisha
• Villa Sarchi
• Kenya SL 28
• Pacamara

Crop Information

Type of Soil: fertile alluvial clay loam
Temperature / average climate: Temperature between 10 and 23 °C
Average rainfall: 2,000 to 2,500 mm per year
Types of shade: pine, and oak
Shade density: 30 - 40%
Crop Conditions: Traditional semi organic.
Flora and Fauna Types Present: Vegetation: Native to the area, reforestation was done with fine wood producing species; Animals: rabbits, deer, armadillos, reptiles, squirrels and others.
Fertilization Methods: Primarily using compost and bocashi as organic fertilizer, both produced on the farm, complemented with complete fertilizer applied to soil and foliar.
Applications of herbicides: The farm does NOT use herbicides or pesticides of any kind.
Environmental conservation practices: The entire property was reforested 10 years ago.

History of the Farm:
It is a property of twenty-eight hectares of extension that were reforested in the year 2000 with fine wood species like mahogany, white mahogany, cedar. Of the total extension twenty hectares were planted with coffee. This plantation was the second of now four established by Jorge Raul Rivera, he established it in the early 1990s after the civil war of El Salvador had ended. In 2009 this farm was introduced to COE and only made it to the international round but did not make it to auction. In 2010 it was burned by accident and all the coffee was lost. We are currently replanting the farm with several varietals that are well known. In the end we will have plots of five hectares, one of Geisha, Villa Sarchi, Bourbon, Kenya Sl-28 and one of Pacamara. This property is the one with highest elevation and we believe it will produce another of the best coffees in El Salvador and the World.

Benefits or Social Projects:
We are in the progress of starting a program to help all the producers of the are improve their quality and the price of their coffee.

Location of the farm:
Department of Chalatenango, jurisdiction of San Ignacio, Canton Las Duanas.

Work Practices:
Activities and cultural practices related to coffee.

Finca Cayahuanca is currently a work of art in progress. We are expecting our first harvest of Bourbon in two years.