About Us

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Our Heritage

J. Raul Rivera S.A. de C.V. was founded in 1924, the company started as an exporter of Peru Balsam to distributors, consumers of the essential oil, and natural ingredients in the United States, Europe, India and China.

It was until 1978 that Jorge Raul Rivera II (1938-2013) started buying land in Chalatenango, in the Alotepec Mountain Range. He foresaw the great potential for high quality coffee in the area; due to his experience as a professor at the University of El Salvador, where he taught for 10 years coffee and processing, and the knowledge gained for working with coffee.

The first plantation of now four established by Jorge Raul Rivera, was established it in the early 1980s risking his life due to the ongoing civil war at that time. During the war, Chalatenango was occupied by FMLN and the Salvadorian Army fought fiercely to retake that territory; killing many civilians who were in many occasions caught in the cross fire or were victims of abuse from both sides.

In the late 1980s He and his brother Jose Roberto Rivera decided to purchase a plot of land in Canton Santa Rosa, were we now have our signature coffee farm named after the Canton where it is located. Finca Santa Rosa was established with the mindset of producing a coffee that could win the first place in the Cup of Excellence. The farm has won the following awards:

2011 COE: 5th place Cupping Score of 90.69
2013 COE: 20th place Cupping Score of 85.77
2014 COE: 1st place Cupping Score of 91.41
2014 COE: 12th place Cupping Score of 86.97
2015 COE:8th place Cupping Score 88.32


Our Brand

CLACO COFFEE was registered this year as our specialty roasted coffee brand, and it will also be the umbrella brand for our specialty green coffee.